They say the ingenious is always simple. The designers of all the outstanding collections got the inspiration for their fashion lines from everyday life and from the social needs of ordinary people, living on the Earth. So it can be a women's trouser suit or 'the little black dress' by Coco Chanel. 

Once in autumn the creative designers of ODRI (people with their own style and taste in fashion) have spent much time searching for beautiful, comfy, elegant and classy outerwear for autumn-winter season. They've found out that there was no such clothes neither in Europe, Russia, Canada nor in the US. Instead there were mostly branded clothes but very expensive or middle-classed clothes, admissibly priced but absolutely featureless and ordinary. Obviously the latest weren't made for a long-term usage. To cut a long story short it was mere the 'mass market'.

So the designers of ODRI started thinking if people could dress up for a suitable money. How to look stylish and delicate when it's cold outside? The desire to see the traditional things in a new way has become the starting point in creating the collection of downy and quilt coats and parkas. Why this kind of clothing was chosen by designers of Odri? The answer is so simple  in Europe the cold weather lasts for 7-8 months. 

That is how the project was born and became one of the greatest events for outerwear clothes in fashion industry.